The Orchid  |  Up To 165 Guests

The Magnolia  |  Up To 145 Guests

The White Garden  |  Up To 115 Guests

The Gardenia  |  Up To 85 Guests

The Rose  |  Up To 60 Guests

We also offer 3 Elopement options, designed for smaller events with fewer guest counts


Country Villa Allows You To Choose Your Own Vendors

Each package includes a rehearsal, ceremony, and reception with access to the following:

  • PAVILION —70′ x 44′ covered area, with smooth concrete floor, ceiling fans, heaters, and lights strung throughout. Large clear windows in white tent walls that may be lowered or raised in case of inclement weather. 
  • ALTAR — Custom-designed, white wood lattice backing, with flagstone floor, and electrical outlets.
  • BRIDE/BRIDESMAIDS PREP BUILDING — Includes a dressing room, hair & makeup stations, food setup area, refrigerator, living room, and restroom.
  • GROOM/GROOMSMEN PREP AREA — Indoor/Outdoor area includes a private patio, dressing & seating room, and restroom with a shower.
  • RESTROOMS — located in the building next to the venue.
  • PHOTO OPS — Lights are strung across the venue, and wrapped around trees throughout the property. Spiral staircase attached to a vine-covered tree, a wrought iron bench, a lighted archway, and a two-person rope swing. Our wood bridge, over a rock river, is surrounded by flowers, bushes, and Japanese bamboo. Wire balls, with colored lights, are hung near the bridge on the wooded island.
  • GAME AREA — Plenty of room to set up volleyball nets, cornhole games, etc.
  • PARKING — Provided onsite. The maximum capacity is 70 vehicles.


More Rave Reviews

I run a gourmet food truck featuring pizza and Country Villa is absolutely my favorite wedding venue to operate at!

I have a unique aspect view of the venue, the owners, and the many brides and wedding families.  First, the owners are both meticulous about providing a great space and planning the details they are responsible for.  Second, the venue owners, the wedding planner, DJ, and our company must work as a team to make the bride and groom happy and meet their desires.   County Villa is a professional, yet fun casual venue meeting the needs of couples looking for a great unique experience.  Petie, the owner of Country Villa, is great at offering up cooperative teams to make every couple’s dreams come true.  One of the common elements between every event we have there is Family members love the venue.  It’s comfortable and unpretentious.  Bottom line, we love the place, the people, and the vibe at Country Villa Inn & Wedding venue. —Bob O., 2/19