The Wedding Altar

A Unique altar with stone floors, surrounded by white blooming bushes and trees.

The Pavilion

A 44’ x 40’ covered event area with white ceiling fans and lights strung throughout. White zippered tent walls with clear windows provided in the event of inclement weather. 

The Bridal Prep Area

Bridal Preparation Building. Hair and Makeup area with lights and mirrors, private dressing room, lounge area for bridal party and separate area to set out food and drinks.


The Groom and Groomsmen’s Dressing Room

With bathroom and indoor/outdoor seating areas

Photo Ops

*Spiral Staircase Attached to Vine-Covered Tree. *Whitewash Wood Tree Swing * Bridge with a Rock River, Surrounded by Plants and Flowers * Black Wrought Iron Bench * Vine Covered Archway with Twinkle Lights * Blooming Bushes and Trees.